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New Timber Look Patio Products Without the Price Tag

Love timber features in your home and outdoor area? Hate the cost and up-keep? Why not try the new Ausdeck Woodgrain Beam and V-line sheeting for your new insulated patio!

Action Sheetmetal & Roofing is proud to announce that we can now supply the new Ausdeck woodgrain finished, pre-painted steel beams and V-Line roofing. Whether you’re a home renovator, architect or designer, you can now get the popular timber look with this new, virtually maintenance-free alternative to real wood.

Here are just a few of the benefits of our new timber look patio products

They can give a whole new look to your space

Take for instance faux wooden beams, they can immediately give your home a rustic look and accentuate the ceilings to give the room a cosy feeling. The woodgrain finish additionally gives a contemporary flow while providing a warm setting for daily life.

They are weather resistant

Faux wood beams and sheeting create an attractive, weather resistant ceiling design for a covered patio/outdoor kitchen and entertaining area that will look gorgeous with little to no maintenance, regardless of weather extremes. They are also not affected by termites and other pests because of their durable material.

They are extremely cost-effective

Ausdeck Woodgrain Beams are around half the price of actual wooden beams and do not require expensive reinforcement of the ceiling. Cha-ching!

They are better for the environment

Buying timber look products as opposed to real timber products is significantly better for the environment. Not only do they save trees from being cut down, the materials used in the Ausdeck Woodgrain products are also safe for nature.

They are lightweight and easier to work with

The new woodgrain products are extremely light which makes them easy to install and uninstall if you need to move them. There is also barely any maintenance (unlike wood, which you are always sanding back, re-staining and sealing).

If you would like to inspect the new Ausdeck timber look products, they can be found at our showroom and can even be ordered online as per your specifications. The new products are the same specifications and lengths as the rest of the Ausdeck range, however we can make up beams up to 12 metres long if required.

So why not make your outdoor space as cosy and inviting as the inside of your home! Ausdeck’s engineering and design innovation enables you to create your new outdoor living area with more strength; less posts; more colours; and more styles to match your existing home. What’s more, they are Australian Made, Australian Owned and Manufactured 100% in-house.

Contact us at Action Sheetmetal & Roofing about our timber look beams and roofing or for all your patio projects needs by phoning 07 5564 8200, emailing us at or online

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Photo features a customer’s patio using both the Woodgrain Beam and V-line sheeting. You can choose to use either or combine both for your desired look.


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