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We also provide custom stainless steel manufacturing.


Custom manufacturing
Sheet metal and roofing

We can supply all your sheetmetal and roofing needs to all Gold Coast
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Sheet metal and roofing
Perforated metal

Perforated metal is ideal for many different applications including screens, partitions, and guards.


Perforated metal
Patio roof pricing calculator

Like to get an idea on how much a patio costs? We have developed an online pricing calculator that provides you with an instant quote.


Patio roof pricing calculator

Patio Roofing Supplies and Pergolas

Enjoy entertaining outdoors on the Gold Coast under the protection of an insulated patio.

At Action Sheetmetal & Roofing our patios allow your insulated roof panel patio to fit seamlessly with your existing roof, matching it in style and profile. They are resistant to dust and mould, the rebated foam is flush with the roof profile which stops spiders and other unwelcome guests from entering your roofing.

Insulated roofing panels provide great coverage over your outdoor entertaining areas year round and are often used to create an outdoor room. If you are planning on renovating or extending your living areas then an enclosed outdoor room can be a really cost effective option.

More than ten different colours are available to ensure the colour of your new patio and roofing supplies matches the colour your existing home. Engineering and design innovation enables you to create your new outdoor living area with more strength; less posts; more colours; and more styles to match your existing home.

Try our Patio Calculator to price your new patio today!

We offer a personalised service that will help you improve your living space while adding value to your home. We offer a range of insulated roof panels in Monoclad (Trimdek) and corrugated profiles, along with powder coated posts and beams to build your entertaining or living area.

It can be quick to plan, install and enjoy too. From placement of order the lead time is around one week and many tradesmen can have 60 square meters covered in just 2-3 days ready to enclose if required. We can also help with referrals for licensed, experienced tradesmen who can build your patio and roofing supplies or outdoor entertaining area.

There are four main styles of patio, free standing, fly over, gable, or skillion.

Free standing patio available in Colorbond or insulated roof panels - Action Sheetmetal & Roofing

Free standing patio available in Colorbond or insulated roof panels 

The free standing patio is as its name suggests, free standing from any other structure. Often used around pools or a feature within a garden or larger yard. Free standing patios can utilise long spans of roofing if they are open on all four sides.


Fly over patio available in Colorbond or insulated roof panels - Action Sheetmetal & Roofing

Fly over patio available in Colorbond or insulated roof panels

The fly over patio has its roof line start above the lowest point of the main roof and extends back up the main roof and may on occasion go over the apex of the existing roof. It allows for more height at the far end of the roof and if the house is low set may be required to meet the minimum height requirements. Fly over patios also allow good airflow through the patio which is great in summer. Technically the same as a skillion - we just differentiate them as they require some different engineering for the roof extender brackets and addition beam.


Gable roof patio available in Colorbond or insulated roof panels - Action Sheetmetal & Roofing

Gable roof patio available in Colorbond or insulated roof panels

A gable roof patio has a roof that is pitched on two sides, usually equally, to match an existing roof line or to allow for fans or hanging lights.  Some people like to infill the open ends, while others don't. it's entirely up to you. Most gable patios are installed by builders or professional roofers as opposed to the DIYer.  One of the benefits of the increased pitch on a gable patio is that the noise from heavy rain is lower than a very flat skillion roof.



Skillion patio Gable roof patio available in Colorbond or insulated roof panels - Action Sheetmetal & Roofing

Skillion patio Gable roof patio available in Colorbond or insulated roof panels

The skillion is the most commonly used patio roof. It is often fixed to the end chords of the truss below the gutter line. Insulated panel roofing can span for long distances at a very low pitch which allows renovators to cover larger entertaining areas simply and cost effectively.  One downside can be the noise of heavy rain if the roof is too flat.  A lesson we have learnt through experience.  Skillions are a great option - just make sure you have enough pitch! 

Service and expertise that you can trust

At Action Sheetmetal & Roofing we only deal with reputable manufacturers like Bondor’s Solarspan and Ausdeck who use genuine Colorbond roofing sheet on the top skin and bottom skin of the panelling. If you are looking at other products be sure to satisfy yourself that the metal sheeting is Colorbond and not a cheaper imported substitute.

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