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We also provide custom stainless steel manufacturing.


Custom manufacturing
Sheet metal and roofing

We can supply all your sheetmetal and roofing needs to all Gold Coast
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Sheet metal and roofing
Perforated metal

Perforated metal is ideal for many different applications including screens, partitions, and guards.


Perforated metal
Patio roof pricing calculator

Like to get an idea on how much a patio costs? We have developed an online pricing calculator that provides you with an instant quote.


Patio roof pricing calculator

Latest News – our blog for everything Colorbond, Patio, or sheetmetal related

Perforated Sheet Metal provides Innovation for the Agricultural Industry

Livestock producers could improve animal health and slash electricity costs by installing an innovative see-through wall on buildings.

The Colourbond Difference

Colorbond is a fantastic Australian steel product that has many versatile uses.  The most common usage is for roofing, rainwater goods such as flashings and rain heads and fencing but at Action Sheetmetal & Roofing we have also used the flat sheet for signage panels, desk tops and for the skin of trailers.

Gold Coast Master Builders Association Feature

Recently Action Sheetmetal & Roofing was featured in the Gold Coast Master Builders Association newsletter.

What is the Origin of your Steel?

Have you ever considered if the steel you are using or purchasing is sustainable? Or where it originated from?

A material such as steel is a sustainable material for reasons that are vital to all parties concerned. Steel products are durable and the long life of steel means that valuable resources and energy consumption is conserved in the manufacturing process of other building materials.

Spring Additions to your Patio

Spring is here and it is bringing with it all the wonderful things that shout life. It’s time to make your patio living space a place of entertainment this spring and summer. With just a few simple additions, a patio can be a wonderful place to entertain throughout the warm months ahead. Personal taste and individual personality can easily be reflected in outdoor living spaces.

New Insulated Patio for Spring

Have you been enjoying the gorgeous sunny spring days on the Gold Coast? Although a little dry for the lawn and garden, the temperatures have been great. Spring is the perfect time for a ‘spring clean’ or to finish those renovation jobs you’ve had waiting for you on the list. Why not focus on one of the areas that families use the most, your patio living space. 

Vertical Gardens for Limited Space

While living on the Gold Coast has many pros, one disadvantage is the lack of space for green areas and in particular gardens. It seems our backyards are getting smaller and we want to know how to achieve the maximum room with limited space.

Aspiring gardeners will be pleased to hear about an innovative trend called “the vertical garden”.

Perforated Sheetmetal by Design

Everyone involved in building design, renovations or actual construction knows that there is an ever growing range of new materials and fabrication techniques available to meet the specific design challenge each project faces.

Sustainable Gardens Raised

Our popular raised garden beds are just great for people with limited space but still want the convenience of growing their own fresh herbs and vegetables for the family.

Does an Insulated Patio create a Temperature Difference?

Patio roofs can be made from many different materials. Adding a cover to your home's patio can make it a comfortable place to sit even when the outside temperature is very high or very low. Insulated patios, also known as sandwich panel use foam between steel sheets to create an insulated panel that also spans further than standard Colorbond or other metal roofing. 

Designing Spaces with Pinterest

Creating the perfect space either indoor or outdoor starts with inspiration. Why not go digital and create a story board (pin board) in one easily accessible place on Pinterest.

Tips to Make your Patio the Perfect Winter Retreat

Why retreat indoors in winter, when you can enjoy the sunny QLD winters relaxing on your patio. Want some tips on creating the ideal winter outdoor living space? 

Does it really matter if your roofing is Colorbond or not?

There are a number of roofing suppliers who are now using imported painted steel as their feed for the metal roofing they supply. While they will argue that the imported coil has improved in recent times, the fact remains that only Colorbond has passed the test of time in the harsh Australian climate – and that BlueScope Steel will stand behind their product.

Insulated roofing

So it would be fair to say that we haven’t had the best summer ever, weather wise, but if you have an Insulated Roofing panel covered patio I bet you enjoyed it more than most. 

Now that the rain is back, again, and autumn may have arrived, don’t give up on enjoying lazy afternoons outside if your patio isn't what you'd like it to be.  An insulated roof panel patio may be what you need.

Download this helpful Colorbond colour brochure from Bluescope Steel

Colorbond has made a very helpful colour selection brochure available for download. If you are currently building or planning on undertaking a renovation this brochure may help in selecting your colour palette.

Cooperative design process leads to smiles all round

Recently we tweeted a photo (see below) of some copper sheet that had been punched with an 18mm square grid pattern for a privacy screen on the face of a new home.  Well now the job is finished and the clients are thrilled.

Severe rain reminds of the need for roof maintenance

This week’s flooding in South East QLD should remind us all of the importance of undertaking basic maintenance of our roofs. Read on for how you can help protect your home from a leaking roof.

It's time to get those New Year's projects built

Long hot summer days are definitely here again and now is the time to get that New Year's home improvement project done.  All of the major roofing manufacturers are now back working and Colorbond metal roofing can once again be delivered to your home just two days after being ordered.

Servicing all suburbs on the Gold Coast

From some of the questions we’ve been receiving lately we haven’t done a good job of letting people know that we deliver daily to suburbs all over the Gold Coast.

Flashings - keep your pants on, your roof sealed and looking great.

Flashings are a key component to the succesful completion of all roofing projects. Unfortunately, they are often where people come undone through poor advice or not uderstanding what they need to do.  The good news is we can help prevent you any flashing embarrasment.

Choose the right materials with this "Roofing & Cladding Selection Chart"

Stramit's Roofing and Cladding Selection chart makes it easier for building professionals (tradies) and owner builder / renovators to choose the right roofing material. Download it now and select the right Colorbond roofing material for you.

Don’t get spun out by span charts

One of the most common ways people come unstuck when planning their patio or outdoor living space is by trying to span their roofing further than it is engineered to go.

Getting good advice early on can save time, money and heartache – and good advice is on hand.

Add a patio to your Christmas list

With less than seven weeks until Christmas it is time to get cracking if you are planning on having a new patio or outdoor area wrapped and under the tree.  The maunfacturers close down for a couple of weeks over Christmas so now is the time to get ready for any holiday projects.

Perforated metal sheets – do you need the “hole” sheet?

Are you looking for a supplier who will make perforated metal sheets the size you need rather than what is convenient for the manufacturer?  Have you designed facde panels or screening that has been folded across perforations?  You don't need to.

Does my patio look big in this?

Ok, so talking about the size of your patio doesn’t carry the same risk as telling the possible truth about how your better half’s new jeans really look, but it is important that you get a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve before you start building your new outdoor area.  Here are some lessons we've learned from years of experience.

New ideas for raised garden beds

Recently one of our customers, Graham, showed us how he used the curved sheets to form an interesting and effective border to his garden.  We think it is a great idea and are pleased to be sharing it with you.  Thanks Graham! 

How do I go from my idea to holding or sitting on it?

Do you have an idea for something you want made from metal and don’t know how to go about it?  Perhaps we can help you.

A lot of what we do is for private use, where someone has a particular problem they’re trying to solve or a creative item they would like for their home and we work with them to make it.

Patio Calculator now available to help you cost your project at any time

Most people don’t get to plan their home improvements at work, so to help you get a handle on the cost of adding an insulated panel roof to your home we have created this simple calculator that will let you know an indicative cost for an insulated panel roof.

Don’t risk your Colorbond or patio roof with dodgy roofing screws

As the difficult economic conditions only seem to get worse, owner builders and renovators are being warned to ensure that they are not risking their investment in their Colorbond roofing with dodgy roofing screws.  Everyone is looking to get great value for money, but cheap screws that aren’t made for Australia’s tough conditions aren’t good value.

Does your outdoor furniture really meet YOUR needs?

Recently one of our team was shopping for some bench seats and found nothing that suited the limited space he had. The solution? We custom made a solid aluminum bench seat that looks great and perfectly fits the space that was available.
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