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With our Gold Coast lifestyle – it’s outdoor living all year round

We’re blessed to live in a part of Australia where it’s possible to comfortably live outdoors year round – if we have the right type of entertaining area.

A key product range on offer is insulated panel roofing which combines uses a metal skin with a polystyrene core that provides great thermal insulation and allows for longer spans than single skin metal roofing. The key advantage of a longer span is less posts and beams are required if you are designing an open space.

Designed and built for entertaining friends and family, an outdoor living space is the perfect investment. It is enjoyed and utilised and increases the value of the property – in many cases it is a key selling point as home buyers are pursuing “the lifestyle”. There’s a reason why people moving to the Gold Coast come for our lifestyle – because it’s awesome. And with the right outdoor area we can enjoy the cool in summer by being protected from the heat of the sun and warm in winter with dry and insulated spaces that are conducive to outdoor heaters.

To help home owners get on with enjoying their living space and avoiding costly red tape, many councils, including the Gold Coast City Council, now only require certification of your deck or patio by a private certifier. This can be done at the design stage, or after completion – but bear in mind if the construction doesn’t comply rectifications will be required. So if you’re DIYing it for the first time it will probably pay to speak to a certifier before undertaking your project.

Only use high quality patio roofing products that are made in Australia

We have high quality roofing products made here in South East Queensland – not imported from China. Our primary supplier of posts and beams is Ausdeck Patios and Roofing who manufacture the strongest support beams in the market, resulting in less posts; and less posts means lower costs and more room to entertain.

Resistant to dust and mould, the rebated foam is flush with the roof profile which stops spiders and other unwelcome guests from entering your roofing. And with twenty different colours available to ensure the colour of your new patio matches the colour your existing home.

We have a wide range of colours and sizes to build your patio>

By ultising a range of suppliers we can offer a wide range of colours, provide the right size supporting beams in the most suitable steel and material thickness. Better engineering and design innovation enables you to create your new outdoor living area with more strength; less posts; more colours; and more styles to match your existing home.

The fun of the camp fire in comfort of your backyard – get a fire pit for winter>

Another fun and affordable product we make are steel fire pits for camping and the backyard. We have flat packed steel fire pits that are laser cut and turret punched starting from $200 including GST. Weighing less than 20ks and when assembled measuring 80cm long x 58cm wide and 47cm high they are easy to add to your camping or fishing gear without adding heaps of weight or room. They are easy to take apart when you’ve finished using it and flat packing away for the trip home. And if ever a piece goes missing it’s easy to get a replacement part.

Looking for a fire pits that’s also feature piece of furniture for your home

If you’re looking for something more permanent we also create feature fire pits that from our first-hand experience provides hours of entertainment for the whole family – from roasting marshmallows to sitting around with family and friends enjoying the “bush telly”.

We’ve made our fire pits from mild steel, but they can also be made from stainless steel if that is preferred. It’s become a Sunday afternoon tradition for our family and neighbours.

A custom made fire pit like the one in the photos on this page (it’s the round one) is made from 3mm and 4mm steel, weighs around 30 kilos and would cost $600 including GST. It’s approximately 110cms in diameter and 65cm high.

Call us today on 07 5564 8200 or email us at orders@actionsheetmetal.com and we can help you get your new or renovated patio or entertaining are underway.

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