Perforated Metal for Commercial Buildings

Easy to work with and practical suppliers of perforated metal panels

If you're looking for a supplier who will help your achieve the best possible material yield and maintain the design integrity of the project call us for a conversation as to how could work with you.

Here to help at the design stage

We work hard to source cost effective materials that will create a functional statement for your design project. Whether it is something off the shelf or a custom design.

Lots of choices - if you want them

The choices available are primarily limited by budget, timeframe and most critically imagination, or the clients's propensity for something radical. We deal with the reality of your project, whether that is a stock pattern or the opportunity to create something unique.

Sometimes choice isn't great - and we get that too. You're in a hurry, the client has made a last minute change, or budget constraints require something off the shelf and in a hurry.

We know our customers - no one's a number

An advantage of working with us is our speed and flexibility. We're a small family run company, where every customer is important - and will never be a number. We can manage our production schedules to meet changing deadlines. Our production team know our customers and care about what they're making.