Stainless Steel Fabrication

Often items made in stainless steel are a major purchase for a family home or commercial construction. From balustrading and splash backs through to signage, bars, bench tops, frames, BQQS, water features and sculptures, there is an emotional as well as financial investment in the work to be undertaken.

Often stainless is used in a highly visible area and it’s critical that the work is completed to a high standard.

We believe that there is a simple way to gauge whether you have the right fabricator – by answering these questions:

  1. Do they have the right experience and are they qualified tradesmen? We only employ qualified and experience Sheet Metal Fabricators and have a long history of training apprentices.

  2. What is their capacity to undertake the work? Do they have enough tradesmen to undertake the work in a timely manner? Or are they so big that we will just be a number? Our team is large enough to turn work around quickly – over 85% of our work is done in less than two weeks from the placement of an order, but we’re not so big that our service isn’t personalised.

  3. Can they undertake the work in-house, or is it outsourced? We have made the conscious decision to undertake as much work as possible in-house. We are one of the best equipped workshops on the Gold Coast, with press brakes, slitter folders, guillotine, laser cutter and turret punch for cutting and perforating.

  4. Will I be getting value for my investment? We we strive to provide great value to our clients. We are strongly focused on providing high quality products to all of our customers and work with them to ensure that the items we fabricate really do meet the needs of the end user and will last the test of time.


What type of stainless steel should I use for my BBQ, kitchen, bar made in stainless steel?

The two most commonly used grades of stainless steel are 304 and 316.

304 is the general purpose stainless steel with good corrosion resistance for most applications. It is used for architecture, food processing, domestic sinks and tubs and outdoor entertaining areas.

316 is used where higher corrosion resistance is required, i.e. marine equipment. Due to the high salt content in the air in South East Queensland we use .55mm 316 as our standard material for box gutters, flashings, downpipes, sumps, rain heads.

An example where 316 must be used because of corrosion is the drip trays that are installed on the concrete ceilings in carparks.  The lime that leaches out literally eats the trays away if they aren’t made using 316 stainless.

What are the finishes available for stainless steel?

There are a range of finishes and colours available depending of the function of the product and budget available. Brushed or satin finish is a commonly used finish as is mill finish on industrial or concealed items and a mirror finish on items such as balustrades, signs and external posts.