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Act Right Now to Beat the Coming 14% Price Rise on Fibreglass Roofing

Act Right Now to Beat the Coming 14% Price Rise on Fibreglass Roofing

We have been advised that one of two Australian manufacturers of resin, which is a critical component in the manufacturing of fibreglass sheeting, was closed prior to Christmas with very little warning.

The supplier that closed was the source of resin for the fibreglass sheeting manufacturer we have worked with for years. Whilst the fibreglass sheeting manufacturer we use has been able to secure a supply of resin, their pricing has been severely impacted and they have advised that there will be a 14% increase in the price of fibreglass sheeting effective of Monday the 2nd of February, 2015.

Therefore, if you are planning any roofing jobs with fibreglass or have quotes out to clients that includes fibreglass roof sheeting, there are two immediate choices:

  1. Order the materials for delivery prior to Friday the 30th of January, 2015
  2. Revise your price for materials by 14%.

We have sought a revised price list but it will not be issued to us until the 2nd of February.  In order to help protect you from this price rise, we wanted to warn all customers in advance that it is coming.

If you haven’t started your roofing project and aren’t sure whether you would like a fibreglass roof anymore, we would like to stress that the fibreglass we source is still one of the best materials you can use for your roof. It is actually a type of fibre reinforced plastic and is very lightweight whilst still being strong. It is also more durable than composites made from carbon fibre, and is generally less expensive composite materials.

Fibreglass is used for roofing, cladding, water tanks, pipes and also many surfboards. As it is easy to handle and manipulate, fibreglass sheeting enables fast installation and is the material of choice for many in the roofing industry.

Example of a fibreglass roof. Photo courtesy of Home Quotes US.

If you’d like to consider other materials, you could always think about installing a Colorbond steel roof. We supply all forms of Colorbond roofing and rainwater products and we only use genuine Bluescope Colorbond, which is backed with a warranty you can trust.

If you require any fibreglass roofing, please contact Pooja or Steve on 5564 8200 or via our email address ASAP. You will need to act now so that we can secure your goods at the current pricing.

We pride ourselves in providing quality products at reasonable prices and we will always strive to keep prices down where possible. We also use Australian products and only ever recommend fully qualified and licensed installers we know and trust.

Please call us if would like to discuss your roofing options in depth. With more than 20 years in the business, there aren’t too many roofing designs or products that we haven’t come across. We are a one stop shop that can meet all your roofing needs. We supply all styles of roof and walling profiles cut to required lengths. You can read more about our roofing product range here.

To keep up-to-date with all things roofing, you can also follow us on Twitter at @Actsheetmetal, on Facebook or visit us on Pinterest.

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