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The Lowdown On Perforated Metal

The Lowdown On Perforated Metal

Perforated metal is a subset of sheet metal. Sheet metal is the process of compressing metal into thin sheets. Perforating is the act of making or piercing holes in something, therefore as you have probably worked out by now, perforated metal is sheet metals with holes in it.
Why on earth would you want to make holes in metal? Let’s dive in and have a chat all about it below:

Why Would I Perforate Metal?

When you are designing or redesigning your dream home, you want to add unique features where possible to make it into your dream home. 

Perforated metal allows both air and light to flow through the metal. You can get very creative when you start thinking of the possibilities. 

Think interior design, noise control, sunscreens on the patio, facades, fencing and even all your 
furnishings. By considering how air and light will flow through perforation each hour throughout 
the day, you might surprise yourself with your creativeness.

You may love baking but the kitchen is closed off to the rest of the living room. With a metal screen replacing a wall, you can enable those delicious smells to drift through the house.

Do you have a patio extension? Maybe you live in a windy area and want to put up a screen to protect from the wind but don’t want to block the light from coming through. Perforated metal doesn’t remove all the wind but it will let light come through while still providing a slight wind barrier.

There are some every day applications such as HVAC, panels and ceilings that have perforation for practicality, but you don’t need to worry about these, instead keep it fun. 

A Run Down On The Benefits

Above we threw some ideas out there for your own home. In general, here is a list of some of the regular benefits of perforated metal on a private and commercial basis: 

  • acoustic performance
  • weight reduction
  • raditation containment (we think you didn’t think of this one!)
  • seperation
  • scent fragmentation
  • transparency
  • anti-skid materials (for vehicles and humans)

Does Perforating Metal Influence People?

Artists aim to influence a subset of the population with each new design. Not everyone will be captured with perforated metals but for those who are, it will express a deeper meaning.

Perforated metal structures in the Chongqing, China area have been imbraced by the locals. Martha Schwartz Partners were challenged to design an urban public area expressing an exclusive identity 
to market development going forward.

The combination of sunlight during the day and the illumination at night of the structures has seen 
locals embrace creativity and made the park a great meeting place.

To answer the original question, yes with careful consideration, you can influence people via perforation.

Perforated metal is a great way to add a uniqueness to your home. We are inspired daily with customers and their ideas for using perforating metal in their homes. If you want to talk through some ideas with us, reach out on 07 5564 8200 or email us:

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