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Stainless Steel for Longevity and Design

Stainless Steel for Longevity and Design

For any project that needs to weather the often hot and salty air of the Gold Coast, stainless steel is one of the best materials on the market. That’s why we didn’t hesitate to use it in our latest project at the beautiful Wallace Nicoll Park at Currumbin.

Stainless steel is the Gold Coast City Council’s material of choice for long-term structures, particularly those erected in foreshore zones. We recently provided all of the stainless steel for one of the latest GCCC projects built by Eco Projects and Developments – a new amenities block at Wallace Nicoll Park (pictured below).

The existing amenities block was demolished and a much-needed new block was built to incorporate ambulant access and a more pleasant exterior. We contributed a number of stainless steel posts to the amenities block, as well as powdercoated 5mm perforated aluminium screens. All of the stainless steel used was polished 316 grade stainless steel to ensure the structure will withstand the sometimes harsh Gold Coast conditions.  

If you are completing an outdoor project, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend using stainless steel. Unlike regular steel, stainless steel does not easily corrode or rust when it comes in contact with water or moisture. Stainless steels resist corrosion as they have a self-repairing “passive” oxide film on the surface. As long as there is sufficient oxygen to maintain this film and provided that the level of corrosives is below the steel’s capacity of the particular material to repair itself, no corrosion occurs.

Therefore, if the area where your stainless project will be raised is likely to have low oxygen or poor air circulation in general, you may want to consider investing in a better grade of stainless steel that has a surface finish to suit the environment it will be placed in. This will save you grief in the long run as it will help to prevent stains and any corrosion on your new project.

Source: The Australian Stainless Steel Development Association

Action Sheetmetal & Roofing is able to punch or laser cut stainless steel (and numerous other metals such as mild steel, copper and Colorbond sheeting). If you are looking to use stainless steel in your latest project, Action Sheetmetal & Roofing can assist you in a number of ways, such as by designing and fabricating custom perforated stainless steel panels to order. Whether you want architectural screens, cladding, building facades or outdoor furniture, we’ve got you covered.

If you would like help to come up with your new stainless steel project design, please contact Action Sheetmetal & Roofing by phoning 07 5564 8200, emailing us at or online at With more than 20 years in the sheetmetal and roofing business, we have the know-how and the experience you can trust to produce your dream stainless steel project.

You can also follow us on Twitter at @Actsheetmetal, on Facebook or visit us on Pinterest for access to information on our latest projects and to keep up-to-date with sheetmetal and roofing trends.

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